Discouraged – The Matter Of Socks

Have you just finished something that you put a lot of emotional investment into only to discover that they're just too big. I know that you feel discouraged, maybe even to the point where you want to take a break from knitting. But it is alright.

First of all, don't give up!

It may just be a weird pattern or perhaps your tension is a bit lighter and so everything got a big stretched out. No worries! Mistakes are all part of the learning process. My first socks were too large too but I just saved them for somebody who happens to have gargantuan feets so, no harm, my future husband wore them. My first socks were the same size as my feet and were loose and weird. I made the next pair a bit too narrow and they feel much better.

But you can always frog.

It's kinda a bummer but you will feel twice as accomplished once that yarn is knitted up into something that fits perfectly.

Have you tried out the Fish Lips Kiss Heel? At only $1 it's a great investment. The pattern is lengthy but I highly encourage you give it a full-read through. It has great tips on fit! I used the cardboard template for my husband's socks, my mom's socks and my own, 3/3 fit like a dream.

Best part? No gauge. No maths.

A lot of people think the cardboard template is too much effort but it works regardless of gauge, yarn, foot size or anything else, so it's my go-to! I also have a little collection of feet templates for people I might want to make for and it means I can do them as a surprise while still "trying it on" as I put it on the cardboard template.

TAAT Toe-Up Magic Loop, FLK Heel with this stretchy as hell bindoff is the sock knitting "holy trinity" for beginners. I would consider myself a sock beginner and already I have conquered 3 different patterns successfully which I think speaks pretty highly for The Trinity (which I learned about over at the "SoxTherapy" Group on Ravelry).

The Toe-up method allows you to fit the sock perfectly up the entire length of the foot, the FLK template shows you exactly where to pop in the heel and bounus you get to use up every last little bit of your yarn!

If you are still new to learning magic-loop/taat/toe-up I highly recommend this video tutorial/class which is what I used and I found it extremely well made and thorough.

It can be a bit easier to try on and adjust as needed. Also, the socks might shrink up a bit in the wash.

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