My Cold Remedy

For me, constantly being tired tends to be a signal that my body is trying to fight something off.

This only works if you catch the symptoms right away. Achey, sore neck, sniffles, chills.

  1. Stop whatever you are doing and go home.
  2. Slice up some fresh ginger and steep in hot water (3 or 4 quarter sized pieces should be fine)
  3. Draw a hot bath and get in, drink tea
  4. Get in bed under heavy and or thick blankets.
  5. Sleep and sweat

Why it works: Core temperature has an effect on viral replication rate. If you get your core temp up just 1 degree C you can slow down the speed at which the viruses are replicating. Ginger warms you up, the bath warms you up and the heavy blankets keep you warm. Your immune system works better in stage 3 and 4 sleep so an hour or two napping gives your body a better shot at fighting off whatever has got you.

If your symptoms are mild when you do this the chances are good you will wake up feeling much better. You should still continue to hydrate and rest. If you are stuck somewhere and you can't do this and your symptoms worsen, you can still try it but it won't be as likely to produce the same "magic".

If you don't have ginger, hot water, hot and sour soup, miso soup, tea… just something warming will do fine.

So if I can take a day and just give in to whatever my body is asking for (ie–sleep whenever I get tired and eat whenever I am hungry), I can usually knock it out before it gets bad and decides to hang around forever. It usually turns into a whole day of "sleep for about 3 hours, wake up and eat something, instantly fall back asleep for about 3 hours, wake up and eat something, lather, rinse, repeat". But it works!!

Also, I am a big fan of spicy, garlicky chicken noodle soup.

And detox baths.

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