Scrap Yarns

Some people suggest making socks from scraps of yarn. I do this all the time but never use a pattern. With socks you really truly don't need a pattern for a plain sock.

I like my socks to somewhat match. I pick out solids for the toe, heel, and the ribbing at the cuff. So both toes might be brown, both heels red, and then blue for the ribbing at the top of both socks. I don't worry much about making the rest of the socks identical at this point, because the matching of the toes, heels, and cuffs makes it matchy enough for me.

I often knit the body the socks with a magic ball (russian joining the scraps together, then winding it all up into a ball to use for the sock-knitting), to cut down on how many ends there are to weave in.

As for a specific sock pattern, I've heard of people having fun making Jaywalkers from scrap yarn, because the zigzagging looks appealing with a multi-colored approach.

Currently I am making a Giant Square Scrap Blanket, and using a fisherman's knot or Russian join (depending on the yarns) to make magic balls, and then knitting up from there. I really like it, since the ball-making part is fun. I then can just sit down and knit without having to worry about ends.

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