Should I Knitting or Crochet

I say suit yourself; I knit and crochet. My mother taught me basic knitting at about age 5 and I self-taught myself crochet when I was a teen.

The basic difference between the 2 is that you crochet one stitch at a time using a hook; with knitting you have 1 or more loops and use 2 or more needles.

Now let's expand on these points.

Knitting is done with (usually) 2 needles and the project is worked back and forth on the needles. Advances knitters may use circular needles or double pointed needles (dpn's) to make circular objects.

Knitting is fantastic for projects like scares, sweaters, hats, etc. People also knit gloves and sock that look awesome. I knit continental style (most people knit European) and the KnitWitch on YouTube is a great resource. The only issue with knitting is its usually hard to stop and restart a project if you want to use the needles for something else.

Crochet is usually done with one hook, and the project is built on the row below.

Crochet is my favorite way to make small plushie toys, scarves, and decorations, as well as granny squares for blankets. The con for me is that it can be a bit cumbersome to hold your work and use the hook at the same time. The pro is you can buy one hook (I like the G hook) and use it on multiple projects at once!

Crochet can sometimes be "easier" to learn because if you mess up, it's very easy to "frog" (rip-it, ribbit, get it?) back to the mistake and pick up and keep going.

With knitting, especially once you get beyond simpler knit and purl patterns, if you completely or partially remove your needles from the stitches, it can be nearly impossible to pick them all back up again, and you find yourself starting over if you don't have a back up/safety line. This can lead to frustration and the snapping of needles, the abandonment of projects, to quitting of knitting.

I'd search on YouTube for beginner videos and see which one you'd like to try.

They're both great crafts and will open your world up to the awesome feeling of having a finished project once you're done. It will also make you a terrible yarn hoarder!

I like to do both, it just depends on the project.

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